Friday, February 19, 2010

Travels . . . .

I am reading the original Jules Verne book, Around the World in 80 Days. It really is a magnificent book, with an image of a now non-existent world, totally different from today's, even though it was written a mere 130 years ago. For example, he talks about India being a small country packed to the gills with the astounding population of 130 million souls.
How times change.
I made a "junk" journal out of discarded papers, calenders, wrapping paper, music paper, etc. and it is going to be a travel journal for the year. If my travels include a tour of my own studio, that will even be included. Travel for me is a state of mind, not always a physical destination. I also work on any page I feel like working on, chronology is not the point in this book. I am sewing old postcards into it, adding the random piece of mail art that shows up, including any thing from anywhere that encourages my love of travel, even armchair travel.
It is a hodgepodge of cool papers, layers, memories, a real likeness to the act of travel, which opens up our minds and reorients us toward knowing tolerance of all our differences and unique understandings.
I am looking forward to filling this book as the year goes on. Here is the first page:

"My art is about paying attention – about the extremely dangerous possibility that you might be art." --Robert Rauschenberg

["अपनी कला के बारे में ध्यान दे रही है - के बारे में बेहद खतरनाक संभावना है कि आप कला हो सकता है."]

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