Friday, February 26, 2010

Take your journaling on the road. . . .

My latest handmade journal is a travel journal in anticipation of some travel I hope to do this summer. and I also am knitting it a bag, sort of a sweater for the journal!
A Bag? you say.
I find that if I honor the journal with a special home, a home that can also include my box of wonderful juicy pens, some collage papers and glue sticks, a deckle to tear paper, some inks, then I can take my journal on a date.
I love to sit in coffee shops, drinking something hot and caffeinated, and enjoy time making words, images, messes in my journal.
Something about doing this in public adds a sense of commitment to the work.
I also want to share with you some of my bags - I have five for sale, along with journals at my ARTFIRE shop.
And here are some images of my favorite bag for sale - it is handknit, lined in luxurious olive linen with a magnetic clasp and it comes with a 50 page heavy duty watercolor empty journal ready for your blessings of creativity - you just might want to splurge on this one!

"Have the courage to step into the fullness of your love." --Christina Pratt

["Vai drosme solis pilnības savu mīlestību."]

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