Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A New Leaf

As we submit to the Universe, miracles do happen!
Being new to Colorado, and having given up some strong art friendships, including my art journaling group, I was worried I would not be able to find any like-minded group here at our new home.
At the UU Church we are now attending, I met an artist who said these magical words to me:
"Would you like to work in an art journal we pass around?"
So, with no research on my part, and within a month of being here, someone asked me to work in a collaborative journal. What are the odds of that?
The odds are totally in my favor, because I am learning that the Universe does not operate on odds, the truth is that the most perfect path is available to us if we trust our intuition and follow our inner urgings. Sometimes this path is not the easiest, in fact, it often is harder than we could have imagined it to be.
But in the end, as we submit to the truest journey for ourselves, we can't help but look back and say "AHA - this is the path of best good for all."
This is the page I did for the church art book, A New Leaf - I included a self portrait photo as a way of introduction:

"I go before you and prepare the way, making the crooked places straight and the rough places smooth. Relax, let go, hand it all over to Me and watch it dissolve into nothingness, for nothing can withstand the light of truth. With Me all things are possible. Live constantly in this state of expectancy, of expecting wonder upon wonder to take place. Live beyond the ordinary so-called normal way of life. Live beyond yourselves."
-Eileen Caddy

["Live buiten de gewone zogenaamde normale manier van leven. Live buiten jezelf."]


  1. perfect harmony...I love when these thing happen!

  2. wow what are the odds of that happening? I guess if it was meant to be it will happen