Monday, February 8, 2010

make some art.

Today I just relaxed with no pressure, and fiddled around in the studio making fun cards and envelopes. As the saying goes, "If I don't get to make some art, someone is gonna get hurt."
No one will get hurt today.

"There’s a level of commitment to the process that makes you go very deep and explore every aspect – it becomes apparent to you that you are created for that very thing. And when you realize that you pour yourself into every part of the process of exploration. It is only something that those who have been there can understand. We are created to create. When we realize what we are good at and pursue it with all we have it becomes very rewarding intellectually as well as spiritually." --Danny Yount, creator of Sherlock Holmes movie ending credits, which are artistically stunning.

Whole interview and clip HERE.

["Wir werden erstellt, um zu schaffen."]

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