Monday, February 22, 2010

Awakening to the Spirit World

These are very interesting times. Everyone seems to know there are big shifts happening - huge fears about the economy, many lives being changed, disrupted, challenged, altered for both good and bad outcomes.
The dominant culture in most of the world focuses so much on money and the economy, but there is a deep, deep river of spiritual evolution which is running underneath all the brouhaha, and to some of us, moving us along in our own transformation in these changing times.
My own life has been radically altered - job loss, house loss, which then resulted in us moving to a place we always wanted to live.
The stability we thought was our right is not a part of our paths now, and we are okay with that - great things are happening for us, and both my husband and I are feeling blessed and in the flow of a greater good in our lives.
My own work, as you surely know reading this, is spreading the word that creative art journaling helps connect you to the inner self.
and that this connection adds healing to you, and thus to the world.
But here is something I just have to say, clearly and often -- when you connect to the inner self, it is not always YOU that you find!
Jung called these Spirits that we find in our subconscious Archetypes. Some people think of mythological figures, ancient Gods and Goddesses, spirit teachers, power animal helpers . . . in fact, if you saw the movie Avatar, you saw a beautiful illustration of using this Spirit connection.
The label doesn't really matter.
If you are interested in exploring your inner connection to Truth, your art journaling can help get you there. Drumming, dreaming, vision questing, even just walking in Nature, can all also get you there.
The point is - go there.
It's worth it.
The environmental problems in our world are more and more strongly suggesting unless many of us immediately are totally committed to following our true inner voice, the struggle that is hurting our Earth is not going to go well for all of us.
and if you want to know more, there is a wonderful podcast on with a conversation with Sandra Ingerman and Hank Wesselman, talking about their new book, Awakening to the Spirit World, coming out March 1.
Go here to listen.
This talk is a wonderful overview of Shamanism, and how we can use these ancient techniques to help heal the world.
So how does this all relate to Journaling?
Listen to that podcast, and see - I think journaling and journeying are very similar acts of consciousness.
Whatever you path is, be true to it, and you give a gift to yourself and all.

"We must love all that we see with humility.
We must live all that we feel.
We must know with reverence all that we possess."
-Hank Wesselman

["We moeten liefde alles wat we zien met nederigheid.\nWe moeten leven alles wat we voelen.\nWe moeten weten met eerbied alles wat we bezitten."]

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  1. Emily, I just love this post. This morning I was struggling with an issue and decided to dance my frustration.

    I then moved into creating an art piece and you are absolutely right. Creating art does lead you to your center.

    Thanks for the post.