Saturday, January 9, 2010

the power of art

Gathering images, throwing them on the scanner, making the pages interesting by moving things around, adding a stamp, a photo, a scrap of newspaper.
Last night I had a little art date.
I was fishing around in some old papers, and found a bit of a map of Paris, ticket stubs from a movie there, a small photo of Edith Piaf.
I messed around with these and some more scraps on the scanner to make a collage for the journal.
Edith Piaf has always inspired me -- and inspired a generation of people who listened to her music through hard times. By expressing herself so poignantly, she spoke for many who needed a voice. She put all her pain and all her emotion into her music.
Art, when voiced from a true and authentic place, can be the voice for many.
I find that just working in my journal, making some images, writing some words, helps get out what I need to get out.
Find some beauty today in your world - express this beauty. You will find healing in this process.
And what heals us, heals the world.
Just ask Edith.

"For me, singing is a way of escaping. It's another world. I'm no longer on earth."
--Edith Piaf

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  1. Hi~I came by your blog via Google...

    A friend and I recently taught a Creative Journaling workshop to incarcerated teens. Such a powerful means of self-expression and a wonderful way to make connections with one another!

    I love the way you've incorporated your spiritual beliefs into your artwork and your blog. Thanks for sharing them with me/us. I'll be back for more. :)