Tuesday, January 26, 2010

just for fun . . . .

I always collect odds and ends for my journals, collages, and artist trading cards. For umpteen years I have saved the paper fortunes from inside the cookies whenever we ate at a Chinese Restaurant.
I always stick these on the outside of envelopes I send, and often in my journal pages. They just add that certain "je ne sais crois."
So, I have decided to share the abundance.
I am going to sell these sheets of 30 various fortunes I have collected over the years for $5 a pop!
Just go HERE to my website to purchase via paypal.

And may you be blessed with 30 of the best fortunes ever; my favorite: "You must be willing to act today in order to suceed."

"I'm not opposed to commerce, even though I'm an artist." --Tracey Emin

["Ben ticaret için olsa bile, Bir sanatçı I'm karşı değilim."]

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