Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ansuz - the messenger Rune

Another Rune journal page for today - Ansuz, which stands for signals, messages, and the God Loki. This rune indicates that connection with the Divine is at hand, and that this is a time for exploring the depths and foundations of life.
This morning I had a chance to explore those depths - I went outside to below zero temperatures, to a car covered in snow and ice which needed to get cleaned, so my daughter could get to her second day at the new high school.
Luckily, I had gloves, but unluckily not a very good scraper and not very good boots.
oh the cold.
Colorado sure delivers some cold temperatures.
But I managed to get most of the ice and snow scraped, warmed up the car, and got her to school in time. On the way we saw a kid walking to school in just a tee shirt and shorts, no coat.

Moving creates so much new stress, and right now I am just trying to get through the errands of new drivers license, car registration, check books, boxes and lost things, finding some boots and warm socks.
In a month, I think the message of Ansuz will seem a little more welcome.

"Nothing worth having doesn't come without some kind of fight." --Bruce Cockburn

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