Sunday, October 4, 2009


Last night the full moon shone on a foggy ground, rain came in bunches then left a clear sky.
This morning our dog gleefully chased some deer, then came running back so proud of his accomplishment.
Today I thank the power animals in my life who help me, I thank my Spirit teachers who guide me, I thank my family who are there, in love, for me.
I thank the water for it's sustaining lubrication, the earth for it's cycle of birth and death, the fire for heat and energy, and air for the breath of life.
Blessed be for all the gifts in this one small world we share.

"Everyone is in the best seat." --John Cage


  1. You have been here the whole time?? For some reason, your blog updates do not come through to me on my "Blogs I Love" panel. Grrr...I've been steadily filling in our collage journal, faithfully thinking..."I don't know where she's gone...but she'll get a hold of me when she's ready...".
    Well, how teh heck are ya?
    I'm going through every post now to see what I've missed.
    Come and see me and say hi!!!

  2. Thanks for visiting my page. Maybe you like to take a look at the paper swap? This could be interesting for you!

    Best, LW