Tuesday, October 6, 2009

creativity as spiritual practice

I vow to spend my precious hours being in grace, and knowing I am in the right place.
I vow to know my contribution to the creative work in the world is valuable and will add meaning somewhere somehow to someone.
I vow to breath in my suffering, and breath out compassion for ALL beings.
I vow to know being in Truth sometimes means doing what others' need before doing what I think I need.
I vow to access my inner magic, to go to this place as a first resort, not as a last resort when I am needy and scared and want something.
I vow to serve Spirit in my work, serve Spirit in how I spend my time, serve Spirit in how I take care of myself.
I vow to work on remembering that I am Loved, by humans, by my dog, by my spirit teachers and power animals, by random beings who connect with my art, and truly, by my self.

I vow to continue to work on sharing these truths with all I meet, with all I send these words to, with all I have chance and planned encounters.
Blessed Be.

"This is the miracle that happens every time to those who really love: the more they give, the more they possess." --Rainer Maria Rilke


  1. i really love this one.
    thanks for sharing these!

  2. *Hand on my heart, taking that vow, right now!* Another great blog and a beautiful spread!

  3. thanks abc and Bettina - always nice to know you enjoy the pages!

  4. Thank you for stopping my little corner of the blogospere! When I tried to follow back to your profile, I got a 404 - server not found. I happened to see your comment on Debrina's, so I'm here now to thank you for your visit.

    Also, after reading your post, I'm going to suggest a short read to you which can be found on the web. It's a short (very) story by J.R.R. Tolkien, called "Leaf By Niggle". The artist that was in me gained awhole lot of ground after I read it. Perhaps it will not be the same for you and perhaps my suggestion will fall by the wayside, but any time I read the kind of things you've written, I suggest this story.

  5. You have an absolutely beautiful blog...this post is so timely for me.

    Peace & Love.

  6. MrCachet -- I will go find that story you suggested, "Leaf by Niggle" -- thank you so much for that . . . . I'll let you know what happens in the studio when I read it.
    I have been profoundly affected lately by listening to Pink Floyd "Dark Side of the Moon" - very powerful studio music for creating to!