Monday, October 12, 2009

Being led by intution

Go chase your dreams.
Ignore the data, and then . . . . SCORE!!!!!!
Brain - 0
Intuition - 100

So my life goes on in this pattern, it might not make any sense, but it sure is turning out to be a wild ride.
Details to come very soon.

"I'd like to write the way I do my paintings, that is, as fantasy takes me, as the moon dictates." --Paul Gauguin


  1. oo, i love your journals! there is so much inspiration to uncover here in your blog.. in thanks for beautiful imagery and words, i'm passing along the "one lovely blog" award to you!

  2. All to often our dreams die for letting life suck them dry. Then we live an unfulfilled life. It is sad to come to the end and wish that we had lived a little more passionately.