Monday, August 3, 2009

the mountains and the valleys

I am coming to realize in a deep way that without the darkness, there can be no light, and without the valleys, there can be no mountains.
It is hard to be in the dark valley place, and when I am, I cry out in blindness and fear. But I am very very slowly and incrementally learning that if I can just have faith and get through the dark times, the light is so much more bright and nourishing.
If we always sit at the banquet table, it ceases to be a banquet!

I have been working on the first issue of Creativity Cafe magazine, and the road isn't so easy for me, but I am chugging along and will let you know when it is ready.

It is August, and the time for ripe fruit - juicy peaches and plump corn and to enjoy the bountiful harvest the Earth rewards us with. Yesterday we celebrated Lammas at our UU congregation with a guided journey under a fruitful tree to the earth where all life starts -- I was yet again reminded of the blessings of soil, and worms, and roots, and minerals which feed the plants which feed the animals who feed us.

Today I am grateful not only for the abundant harvest, but for the hard labor that got us where we are, and I am reassured that my hard work will bear fruit, in the fullness of time.

"Whoever gives reverence receives reverence." --Rumi

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