Saturday, August 29, 2009

Choose Love

I don't usually post other than journal pages here, but this warrants a nod:
This link will take you to a beautiful affirming song that FairyWebMother shares from her website.
It is about choosing love and joy - a wonderful chant to play when ever you need clarity and support in moving forward in this not-always-easy journey of life.
Click, listen, and be blessed:


  1. Thank you, so much, Emily!!! So nice to hear from you! You know, I am living in NJ, now. Jersey City, in fact! Let me know when you come to the City! I'd love to get together, sometime! We are both on the Shamanic path and I am becoming more and more interested in healing arts. I guess the more healing you need and seek, the more you learn that can help others. Boy, have I needed a lot of healing, lately. :)