Tuesday, July 21, 2009

finally some more pages to share. . . .

"Get a Mac!" they all said.
"You will love the way it handles graphics."
"You will make movies, and scans, and photoshoppy magical collages, and make magazines, and your life will be perfect and wonderful and full of unicorns and rainbows," they said.
So I did.
I got a MAC.
and my life hasn't settled down yet into a routine and it has been SIX painful months.
I am pretty good with this computer stuff.
and yet, still.
So finally, I just took out the ole camera, snapped the photos of these journal pages, and dumped them here using my OLD TRUSTY Vaio and all my old software.
My Mac just won't talk to the scanner and it really hates my printer.

I will keep at it (I have no choice at this point, the old system is at home with the family, now.)
Last night at our monthly journaling meet-up, I did these three pages, so here, finally are some images I can share of actual journal work. I was so sorry to miss the last two meetings with travel, as it is always wonderful to work on journaling in community.

I do hope YOUR computers are co-operating with YOU, and more importantly, that your journal is there for you, as is mine!

"No pressure, no diamonds." --Thomas Carlyle

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  1. Love these journal pages... they are really very striking! Keep up the good work!

    Christina :)