Thursday, June 11, 2009

until I get back:

June 14 is the Birth of the Muses, from Ancient Greece mythology.

On this day the goddess Mnemosyne (whose name means 'memory') gave birth to nine daughters: Calliope (epic songs); Euterpe (lyric songs); Polyhymnia (sacred songs); Thalia (comedy); Melpomene (tragedy); Terpsichore (dance); Erato (poetry); Clio (history); and Urania (astronomy). The Muses brought an appreciation of the arts into the world with their inspiration of creativity, social and scientific studies.

I hope your muses are alive and well, I am feeding mine this month with travel - updates to come!

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  1. Can't wait for the travel updates! I have been extremely swamped myself, and as your blog doesn't seem to want to update on my blog roll, I have to make a conscious effort to find you :) Happy trails! :)