Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Spirit Teachers?

Some of us go to therapists, others have spirit teachers.
In my practice of Shamanism I have found that the wisdom from Spirit Teachers works for me. Therapists -- not so much.
Partly I think we all have our own inner truth, and good therapists are really just asking questions to get their clients to find it out on their own.
For me, the Shamanic path has been the most direct to my own truth.
But there still are questions, and I love that I can ask several shamanic practitioner friends to journey for me and confirm my truth.
I learned that two amazing writers whom I admire very much both feel all their writing has been channeled from an exterior source - from their Spirit Teacher. Both are quite successful authors, and do not shy away from sharing that they feel they are actually just a co-authors of their work.
Really -- when we feel connected to that FLOW that is creativity, it is all part of one whole.
For me, being here in my studio, doing this work feels like my highest calling.
So I am trusting the Universe to support me.
(Hear that, Universe!?)

"Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart." --Jan Phillips


  1. Beautiful, Em. Who are the authors?

  2. I'm not a great author, but I do write, and when it works, that's exactly how it feels for me too, that it is just coming through me. I had a spiritual/writing teacher (what a combo) who always said the best way to be creative is to prepare yourself to receive and be willing to get your self out of the way when it comes. I so believe that.

    I'm fascinated and jealous you have "several shamanic practitioner friends".

    Also loved your last post about your "job". Everyone should have a copy to refer to.

  3. Sandra Ingerman and Machaelle Small Wright both talk about how their spirit guides channel their work and tell them what to say.. . This book of M.S. Wright really is one of the most important books to my understanding of working with a Spirit teacher: