Wednesday, April 22, 2009

from Journaling Group

Whenever we get together to work in our journals on our monthly Journaling Group, I always do pages I sort of enjoy. I think it is the slowing down and taking 2 hours to work, where in my studio I have ten other things looming that I am eager to get to.
These pages, as I shared with the group, reflect the two sides of my emotions I deal with - dark swirling moodiness and pastel joy.
My journal helps me understand and express these feelings, and for that I am grateful.
One reason this is my consistent practice is for the awareness it always gives me.
Secrets of my unconscious seem to emerge from the playing with color and image, and then the words bring some truth to the feelings.

Now if only life's problems could be so easily solved, but I guess that is the path.
at least Journaling helps me find the way.

"Art must not be intelligent; art is a jouisance, an enjoyment." --Andre Derain

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