Monday, March 16, 2009

the wilderness of intuition

Spring is almost here -- Ostera is this Friday and I am so ready for flowers and green and sun and warmth.
I am so ready to wear a lightweight scarf around my neck instead of a heavy wool one!
I love the way that, for centuries, so many spiritual traditions have decorated eggs and left them at shrines for gods and goddesses to celebrate the new life and re-awakening of this time of year.
And the seed-sowing that kept us alive for thousands of years can be part of the ritual to welcome Spring - a few herbs in pots in the kitchen will be my ritual planting to celebrate the cycle that brings new life.
Also my worm bin - I often neglect my poor worms in the winter and I am afraid they didn't survive the cold, but I know I can get new ones, add new life to the worm bin, new scraps from our kitchen that will feed them and allow them to start their cycle of biodegrading the green stuff from bits of fruits and vegetables and make for me new brown stuff that is compost for our plants, which will then, in turn, make more scraps for feeding them.
So the cycle goes. . . .
Spring comes and brings us new light and life is new again.
We leave the city of our comfort and go into the wilderness of our intuition.

"There comes a voluptuous moment when the senses and the whole skin tingle with a sharpened awareness of the body and the world around." --Anton Ehrenzweig


  1. >> Hoooray Spring!! <<

    I've got Hollyhocks coming up in their little pots!! And Cosmos too!! Yess!! For Warm Weather!!


  2. I'm ready for Spring too. It has been a cold and hard winter. Ready to dive into what new adventures to come this spring.

  3. I started my garden journal this week. I can't wait to start adding to it with pictures and words. I enjoy watching the growth of each plant and the creatures that visit.

    I added your blog to list, what a great site you have.

  4. This is a terrific page...I am really enjoying your lettering style! :)