Tuesday, March 10, 2009

what you give, what you get

I am so happy to be in the studio.
I have a pile of papers needing to be sorted, many images that I want to add to the journal, and some that I want to add to some large canvases that have been calling to me from the corner of the studio for some time.
I also always have a few mail art/artist trading card/postcards to get out into the world, because this makes me feel connected and like I am giving back just a bit.
and did I say workshop proposals to work on?
I have a folder of those to get to today, too.
and of course, the futon where I lie down and let the muse/boss tell me what to do.

all this.
all this.
I am so grateful for a place in this world to make art, a place in my life where I am committed to making art, a place in my day for hours on end where I can let the muse speak to me and direct me.
It's hard to make a life that allows this - there are so many money pressures and societal pressures to do "real" work.
The paper-pushers of this world aren't happy when us artists get to work freely and without a box around what we do.
but the truth is, nothing is realer than this.
The chance to find the inner meaning and create work that speaks of the universal, the inner voice, the truth that all of us are looking for.
The work that ages from now, people will look back on for answers to the questions about our time.
Work that has NOTHING to do with a gallery telling us what will sell, or our Etsy shop telling us what will sell, or our checkbook telling us what will sell.

I salute all the artists who came before me who stand in a powerful circle of Artist Spirit who shout out to us doing this work:

So I shout this out to you right now. . . .

"I have walked this earth for 30 years, and, out of gratitude, want to leave some souvenir." --Vincent van Gogh

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