Wednesday, March 4, 2009

more on collaboration

So here are some more pages for the traveling art journal I share with Laurel in California. (Sorry, Laurel to spoil the surprise, but at least the attached envelope opens so you can look forward to finding out what it holds!)
It is so gratifying to work on a journal with another artist, since communication is the point, we get to know someone sees our work right away.
This morning I was sitting in a coffee shop getting caffeinated for the day, and looking all around me I saw so many images that were designed by someone to say something -- the art on the walls, the signs advertising the coffee, the posters and announcements, so many visual images speak to us without us really even knowing we are being spoken to.
The language of images is the new grammar, since so many of us look at screens instead of paper.
I still love the real book I work in.
The images on the screen will never replace the actual paper and paint and ink and markers I use in my collage -- But the reality is many many people see the virtual work, and, at least for now, only I see the actual journals.
That is also why it is such a pleasure to send this joint journal flying across the country back and forth -- to know another set of human hands is holding and reading it, enjoying the colors and shapes and images I played with.
So many images we see are meant to sell us something, it is pure joy to make art for the sake of bliss, and to share art for the sake of bliss, with nothing to sell.
That's why journaling is an awesome practice, and something I spend my life working on doing and sharing -- no one needs to be sold yet another commodity, what we need is to share our inner light. . . .
Think about starting a traveling journal with another artist.
Here are some of my pages:

"Caring for friends opens the heart, and gifts us with the privilege of sharing the fruits of our self-imposed and necessary solitude." --Max Elliott

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