Thursday, March 12, 2009

Living In Abundance - Secret 10

Yes - this is a chapter I love.
In the 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women bookgroup, we have finally come to a chapter that I could read over and over.
The Celebration of AbUnDaNcE!

I know that gratitude is key to feeling abundance.
Thankfulness for all the I have has been the key for me to feel satisfied in this one short life I have been given.
Instead of focusing on all that I don't have, I am learning each day to focus on all that I have.
and I loved the middle part of the chapter about caring for your body and mind - abundance and gratitude really do have to do with honoring ourselves, being self aware enough to RECEIVE the abundance that the Universe has for us.
it is there, if we just reach out and accept it.
I always find it weird when people say, "oh, you are a REAL artist" if I sell things.
As if selling has anything to do with validation.
Living in abundance has nothing to do with exterior validation, and everything to do with gratitude and acceptance of what Spirit calls us to do.
I joyfully make art in my studio each day, I don't need permission or praise to do this, I just do it, and believe in the abundance of the rewards of the work.
It might mean selling the work for money, it might mean making someone inspired to change their own path, it might mean just being allowed to do what I love.
All this is part of the abundance.
Abundance for me also means accepting some graphics work and teaching to earn some money, so my art is free of marketplace pressures.
I think this is why I love GRAFFITI art - it is so abundant and crazily free to say what it says, no need to please anyone.
and rebellious, yes, a bit of that, too.

Blessed Be for Art!

Blessed Be that the Universe allows us this self expression and communication, and that we can spread joy doing the work we love!

"Life is a field of unlimited possibilities." --Deepak Chopra


  1. I just noticed the word DANCE in abunDANCE. I liked Gail's writings about scarcity thinking. I've seen people trapped by it and limited by this type of thinking. Gratitude is key. Taking care of what we having including ourselves is another key.

    I can see you are dancing in abunDANCE. I'm dancing right along with you. {soul hugs} k

  2. Thank you thank you thank you for all these reminders today!! There is so much "stuff" happening here that I'm losing my ground in the foundation of "sitting in my studio and joyfully making art everyday" !! Oh thank you so much! abunDANCE to you :)
    and miracles,

  3. So true. I love that you mention graffiti art. I totally agree. And the rebellious nature of it does make it really intriguing too.

  4. Yes, Yes, Yes!!!
    You said it so well!
    Even if our art isn't making money or taking the place of our day jobs, we are still artists!!

    And you write such truth about gratitude - it is and should be at the core of everyone of us!

  5. I loved this chapter a lot too.

    I love the joy that you bring to your art and allow the abundance to flow to you.

    Keep living your joy and abundance.

  6. I love this chapter, too. In fact, I think it may be my favorite chapter yet!

    I, too, have learned that gratitude and appreciation are key to feeling abundance and I so *appreciate* having learned that! It was a simple lesson that has brought me much joy.

    I really loved your post -- I can feel the energy in it. I'm working toward being with my art every day. I really admire you that discipling, showing up and doing your work/play each day. I'm so much better at it (so far) this year than I ever was last year that there's still hope for me!

    And I love GRAFFITI art too!

  7. Doing a bun dance
    shake shake shake.
    Feeling the gratitude

  8. Oh thank you! I felt like this post was a big hug! And it reminds me of everything that I have forgotten lately. I am back on track. :)

  9. I too just noticed the word Dance in Abundance even though my post is all about dance. funny that!

    and graffiti art. perfect,
    and your journal, lovely!

  10. You do it to nurture your spirit...and that nourishes all of us! :) Great page and thoughts! :)