Wednesday, March 11, 2009

full moon tonight

I noticed circles kept creeping into the journal page today -- I had scanned some photos of nice china plates, and they just wanted to be repeated and collaged in.
Circles are so whole, and spirals are even better - a continuous spin of turning toward center, spirals always make me feel centered yet moving, they are not stagnant.
Something about postage franks, also, seems to enrich a collage. They reference history and communication and a sort of memory of past that I love to capture in my journal.
and SPRING - flowers!
Please, let it come soon, enough of this winter stuff already!
Tonight's full moon is called the "worm moon" as it marks the beginning of the hint of Spring - may we all call out the worms to come start their work for our gardens and dirt, fertilizing and aerating, and making the soil ready for the flowers to come.
Thanks to the moon, and to the worms, and the circles of life that bring us the warming days; flowers to follow!

"Often it is tiny fragments which either make a picture convincing or totally incidental." --Simone Bingemer

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