Monday, March 23, 2009

Chaos = Good

I love that my journal helps me sort things out.
Sometimes, the images are very chaotic and jumbled, and weirdly, I find that these are often the pages that I love the most. It seems that this life, with all its stress and confusion and noise and energy is best expressed for me with chaotic images in my collage.
and that is good.
Self expression is the goal for me, not decorating pretty pages.
I guess this is sort of my goal for anyone who jumps headfirst into creative journaling -- that letting go of the "pretty" frees your journal up so so much.
It is a bit scary - to make a mess.
We have been told our whole lives not to make messes.
But seriously - who wants to color in the lines?
Coloring in the lines is NOT fun, and it certainly isn't satisfying to see the same old same old ten thousand times repeated.
If we allow ourselves to be messy and real, how much more is our own inner self expressed and discovered?
and this is a voyage, not a destination.
Today - I am so grateful for my journal which allows we to create freely with NO expectations, no need for neatness, no requirements or critiques or editing.
Go For It.
You will love what happens.

"Chaos is everywhere – and artists, to fashion art and live truthfully, have no choice but to invite this unwanted guest right into the studio." --Eric Maisel

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  1. Love this! Letting go of pretty - why is that so hard?