Thursday, February 12, 2009

Secret 6 - Conquering Saboteurs

Here we are on the sixth chapter of The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women, how to overcome those naysayers who create confusion, self-doubt, negativity.
Guess what - mostly that is ourselves!
The one section at the end that speaks of Cultural Self-Defense was so relevant to me. I just don't get told very often that I am being brave, original, or successful because I go to a studio and try to make self-expressive art every day.
Truthfully, I need to get another part time job to generate some income, but that is okay, too - it's all part of the package to support the creativity.
I know many creative workers need to make their money another way - that is not selling out, it is simply building the structure that allows the creative voice to survive.
I have always connected deeply to artists and storytellers who just had their voice no matter what the world said to them, and often, after they are long gone, the world hears what they were saying and accepts it's value; I think of Georgia O'Keefe, Frida Kahlo, Vincent Van Gogh, Emily Carr, and many many unknown names who just kept at it.

The advice to just be deeply rooted in who you are - this is key for me. I actually avoid lots of connection and interaction with the world - it doesn't help me at all to know myself or to do my creative work.
The journaling is all about that, and it helps me the most. . . .
and of course, this on line book group!

"To follow without halt, one aim; there is the secret of success. And success? What is it? I do not find it in the applause of the theater. It lies rather in the satisfaction of accomplishment." --Anna Pavlova


  1. It is true that we get in our own way sometimes!! Time alone and being quiet is the best remedy for me with naysayers within and without.

  2. You are brave, original and successful!

    Say it with me!

    Yes, you are! :)

    I adore your journal page. :)

  3. Love, Love, LOVE the journal pages!
    Yes, sometimes, we are are own worst enemy.

  4. OH MY GOSH I Love it. I just spent a whole post boo-hooing about getting a crappy job. I never thought about it as a way to "support" my creativity. Thank you for the marvelous insight!! :)

    Much Joy, Many Blissings~*

  5. What I read saboteurs real hit home with lot of us.
    Even me.
    But in most cases those little gremlins sure can be chattering away and they drive you nuts.

    Coffee is on and I have chocolate today.

  6. I love that you wrote this "I know many creative workers need to make their money another way - that is not selling out, it is simply building the structure that allows the creative voice to survive."

    I have such a hard time with that one, like I'm neglecting my creative side if I work or neglecting my builing additional income if I choose to create. It doesn't HAVE to be one or the other. Thank you for the reminder.

  7. Love the Anna Pavlova quote. So much of it *is* about satisfaction of accomplishment.

  8. I'm doing another challenge too if you want to be a part of it -

  9. I am finally learning that in order to "branch out" & grow, you have to be deeply rooted in who you are. I so loved your post & journal pages.

  10. Today, I've learned to daily become the creative woman imprinted upon my soul!

  11. thanks for the pavlova quote. I do think it's best if we can gleam happiness from inner knowledge as opposed to outer critics. Really important!

    Thanks for the post!