Monday, February 9, 2009

Keeping the Big Picture

Finally - some warm sunlight.
and yes, some mud comes along with the melting snow -- ask my puppy who played at the dog park yesterday and came home covered in mud!
but I am working on keeping the big picture - seeing the context of things.
In this economy where everyone is freaking out about the "meltdown" I see it rather as things finally adjusting to where they should be -- less consumerism, less focus on things and more on the larger truth that all life is connected . . . .
I try to be relentlessly positive here, but I have to admit for me, this is real work. I can get very engrossed in fear and uncertainty - in our family, we have serious economic adjustments we are making right now (my husband has a job interview today, and I have one next Monday). We have three kids, two who still need to be put through college, so I know money is something we need to be aware of.
But I refuse to give up my vision of abundance or the calling that I am to do this work of creativity even if it is not making any money. . . .
I am hoping the job I am interviewing for will be part time, I am not sure yet, and if it is full time I will face a big decision about this studio.
But for now - Spring.
New Life.
Sun and fresh air and warm weather.

and life is good.
Even with these daily struggles, as long as we keep the big picture.

Tibetan Buddhist teacher Trungpa Rinpoche used to include a simple drawing in his talks. On a large white sheet of paper, he would draw a little tiny “v.” Then he would ask students to tell him what the “v” was.
A hand would quickly shoot up, “It’s a bird.”
More hands would go up, each person echoing—it’s a bird.
He would finally look at his audience and say, “No. It’s a picture of the sky with a bird flying through it.”


  1. ~~ Great Story on the Bird! ~~

    I've been dealing with the economy "problem" too -- but we're fortunate that there is still shipping of goods across the globe, so it keeps us where we are

    Much Luck for you & your husband on the job interviews.


  2. I cannot give a job, but will an art award do?

    Happy Monday!

  3. Lissa - that is awesome!
    thanks so much. . . .
    worth way more than money.