Sunday, January 18, 2009

Art Journal Retreat - Day 1

Getting Started - I open my journal and there are the pages, ready to take whatever lashing I give. I always start with images, usually photocollage papers I have done in photoshop, then add some ink to color them more, maybe some torn images, some words.
a doodle or two.
and paging through my journal is like visiting creative longings from my past, friendly reminders that I am trying to figure out this whole mess that is life.
For me, the act of journaling is my life line, my way of getting out the feelings, frustrations, joys, wanderings in my mind that come and go. Without my journal to record all this, I would feel quite lost.
I am now in Denver with two big cuddly dogs - and this is sort of a journaling retreat for me.
My brother left me two gift cards - one for Michaels Arts and Crafts and One for the vitaman shop.
How did he know?
Those two are exactly what these two weeks are to be about.
and as a funny aside, my long-time batchelor brother is going to Thailand to get married, and on his facebook page was this priceless comment:
"Doug? Getting married? I will believe that the day we have a black president!"

"My sketchbooks are my companions and unconditional friends, especially in a world where not many people understand us creative infidels. My journals never criticize or judge my work. An open sketchbook is like two outstretched arms welcoming me."
--Edel Rodgriguez, from "An Illustrated Life" by Danny Gregory

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