Friday, January 16, 2009

What Have I always Loved?

For the second week's prompt for the 12 Secrets of Highly CREATIVE Women:

What Have I always loved?
Color, shape, and wild freedom of expression!
Total Chaotic Messiness!

I am finally living this bliss by making my Creative Journaling the focus of my work.
and It feels so good!

I just make crazy pages in my journal and see what happens -- and I get to share them here, and talk about them in workshops, and even travel a teeny bit to share this work.
I meet once a month with a journaling group and we cut and tear and paste and color together, then share our pages - it is awesome.
I feel like I am finally doing what I was meant to do, and it only took 47 years to get here!

and I can't resist adding some other things I use to keep the MUSE happy:
*Great Music
*Some more CHOCOLATE
*Good coffee, often
*Healthy fruits and veggies - preferably organic
*piles of collage paper, images, books to tear up, ribbons and sparkly things
*A nap on the futon
*drumming tapes
*my cuckoo clock which sings Edelweiss every hour on the hour

*anything colorful and exhuberant


  1. How wonderful that you have discovered for yourself your bliss and can pursue a living doing it!

    I hope to do the same some day! I'm thrilled to see others doing it.

  2. Be-eautiful! I love your collage/journal work and that you embrace messiness. How inspiring is that? Colour is wonderful, I totally agree. And you can see it all over your art, you're living it!

  3. Oh what a beautiful blog you have! LOVE the diamond trim... weeee!

    Also love your attitude about it "only taking 47 years to get here!" Sometimes I get a bit down and think "Darn. It took me 49 years to get here." There's a big difference!

    What an awesome journey we are on together!

    Kim H

  4. Your muse is one lucky lady, getting all those delicious treats to make her happy.

    Perhaps I could create more if I had a cuckoo clock that sang Edelweiss! I love that song. When I took singing lessons, I made her let me work on that song. After 6 months, I still wasn't tired of it.

    "every hour you greet me" :)

  5. Love reading about everyone's journey. Your journal is beautiful. It has my current cannot get enough color ORANGE in it.

    Mmmh, I am glad you nourish you muse with such beautiful things.

  6. I hear 10 out 10 muses choose chocolate!

    Love your journal. After I get through the blogging list, I'm coming back to have a deeper look!

  7. Exuberant and colorful! Living in bliss. Edelweiss! SO lovely. So fun! :)

  8. YEAH chocolate included.. essential for journeying women :)

    what a vibrant and serene journal page (orange).. spirals and simple lines just draws me in....

    Look forward to sharing the "12" journey...

  9. Color...ah, beautiful color!
    Great journal page and an awesome list, too!

    BTW, your blog is never shown as updated in my following list. Wonder why?

    Peace & Love,

  10. Oh yeah - a messy sister and ROFLOL @ Lisa's stat 10/10 muses love chocolate! I have 4 different varieties on my desk RIGHT NOW!

  11. So much energy in your creative expressions! I've got a great mental picture of you cutting, tearing, pasting and creating beautiful chaotic messy art!

  12. Your journal pages are totally inspiring and the quotes you find to put with them match so well. Enjoy your time in Colorado. I'll be checking in regularly.

  13. i like your journal pages. i admire those who are devoted to keeping a journal.
    chocolate and coffee is of course needed to make any muse happy
    i'm looking forward to seeing more of your work and taking this creative journey with you - it's fun so far.

  14. Oh my goodness, a cuckoo clock which sings Edelweiss every hour on the hour? That´s hysterical!

  15. "What Have I always loved?
    Color, shape, and wild freedom of expression!
    Total Chaotic Messiness!"


    *Some more CHOCOLATE"

    Me too....


  16. Oh, yeah, chocolate! I 'bribed' my 8 yr old grand daughter to be my 'roadie' last night & carry my music bag 'home' (across our back yards!) while I carried the harp by offering her . . . chocolate!
    & yes, it's SUNNY - I am putting a leash on my pup & going outside!! (cold tho, better put on some warmer pants, lol!)
    Ditto to all they said :)

  17. Total chaotic messiness sounds so much fun!!

  18. i'll bet your muse dances across the pages of your art journal, slip sliding across the colours, mixing beauty AND self expression into one glorious creation. i LOVE it.

  19. Thank you for such a love filled post!

    You have a cuckoo clock that sings edelweiss! WOW! I wish i had one of those! Magical!

  20. Fabulous journal page! I think your muse is one lucky lady too ~ :)

  21. I love those pages. I am going to have to explore your links and learn more about your art journalling.