Friday, January 30, 2009

Week 4 - 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women

Surrendering to Creative Cycles -- This chapter really spoke to me - I sort of cycle through joy and frustration every day as I do this work. Making art your life is not really a popular choice when the world measures your worth in how much money you generate. I always disagreed with the idea of GNP being just based on money - so many fantastic accomplishments are measured outside of their monetary worth.
"Product" should not just be money!
When we look at the Greeks or Romans or any great civilization, we certainly don't measure their monetary output - we read their plays and poems, look at their sculpture and architecture, we ponder their creative work.
So, I am committed to this life I have chosen and to walk a creative path.
This month I am lucky enough to have a little note written about my website and this blog in the magazine Rubberstampmadness. It's just a little paragraph, but somehow even this little shout-out helps me keep on.
The question "How do you manage the bright spots in your creativity cycle?" is important - it is essential to rejoice at each little victory we have, even if very small and personal - just doing this work is brave and not always understood by a money making society.

For me, it is necessary to focus on the positive and to work hard to keep the negative at bay.
Like Rumi says, "where there is ruin, there is hope for treasure."
Life does come in ebb and flow, seasons of rejoicing, then struggle. It makes us all human to endure these cycles.
Sometimes I feel like I have more than my fair share of such struggles; health and money problems, work problems, very little "success" in the world's eyes - making almost no money at what I do, but then - there are 6 billion of us on this one small planet, and you know that if I have access to this computer, and a studio to make art in, I must be doing pretty durn well in the larger scheme of things.
I have a fantastically supportive husband and three great kids. . . .
That really is the big big key.
To ride out the lows with knowing we are blessed in so many way.
and the lows really do help to make the art real.
Just look at Vincent Van Gogh, bless his dear heart.

"Diamonds are only chunks of coal that stuck to their jobs, you see." --Minnie Richard Smith


  1. It's the demons who spur us on! They bring out the fight in us!

    Love the journal page! :)

    Congrats on the honorable mention in Rubberstampmadness! It might be small, but acknowledgment is always invigorating!

  2. "Where there is ruin, there is hope for treasure..."

    I have never heard that quote before but it sings to my soul.

    There is a lot of wonderful creative energy in your journal page!

    And I agree, product isn't always about money, nor should it be all the time.

  3. Wow! I love your journal page - and your blog!
    I am marking it - will definitely be back!
    I love how you approached this chapter!

  4. Yes, I think we creatives can be so caught up in the hunt for and discovery of the next project, the next idea, that we often forget to stop and celebrate where we have been -- every small finished step, every small acknowledgment deserves a big thank you. Thank ourselves; thank the universe. :)

  5. How wonderful is your gratitude. To know you are more than just the expectations put upon you by the "world" is fabulous.
    Also kudos to you for honorable mention in Rubberstampmadness!

  6. "For me, it is necessary to focus on the positive and to work hard to keep the negative at bay."

    I like that quote...thanks for sharing

  7. Rubberstampmadness - many congrats! Awesome journal page.

  8. I love the Rumi quote -- right on!

    Gratitude. Such a wonderful word. It just rolls around on the tongue, in the mind and the soul. Yippeee!

  9. Thank you thank you for the reminders! Celebrating the big and small, the personal and public... and to stop and look at we are so grateful to have... we are blessed. Thank you for celebrating creativity with us!! And HEY CONGRATS on the Rubberstampmaddness mention -- that is soooooooooooooooo completely totally wonderfully cool!!! :)

  10. Beautiful, beautiful journal page!
    Congratulations on your 'shout out!' A little validation never hurts.

    Bright Blessings to you!

  11. Yes, yes, yes! There is more to it than how much money is earned. In this time of mass production, people forget how important that.

    Congrats on your honorable mention! The little things add up, one leading to another. Who knows what opportunity and notice this little shout out may bring you!

  12. Love your journal page! And your post. Gratitude is key.

  13. Hi Genie.... lovely post! I'm glad you remind us to focus on the positive!

  14. Like Rumi says, "where there is ruin, there is hope for treasure."

  15. Great post! I too believe art should not be equated with money. You are an artist if you believe you are! I love your creative energy. Your page is really awesome, as are your journals. Great stuff!

  16. What a gorgeous journal page! And it seems like our creativity always has us dancing between our demons and our sense of gratitude.. Love the Rumi quotes!

  17. You make a great point about civilizations and what really matters in the long run. That is something to keep in my mind always.

    The mention in a magazine is HUGE, and congratulations and yay you!

    How did you celebrate?

  18. Kevindra - how did I celebrate?
    wow - there's a nice idea, celebrating our achievements, no matter how small.
    I didn't celebrate but I like your idea and I think I will. . . .
    thanks for the idea.
    I will think of a way and let you know!

  19. I love that Rumi quote. So true.

    Congrats on your mention in the Rubber Stamping Madness Magazine. That's awesome!!