Tuesday, January 13, 2009


These two images were taken at the Anthropologie store at Rockefeller center right before Christmas -- I have never seen such exuberant paper chaining and happy colored decorations all piled together; this splendor will inspire my pages many times to come, I suspect.

I find inspiration in places least expected, so I go there often to see what I find. If all life is planned out, there is no room for unforseen and happy accidents. What you don't look for, is often the best thing you find.

Go somewhere new, explore a place you have never been, bring a camera or a sketchbook, or your journal.
or better yet, be an explorer at your own desk, in your own studio, in your own bed. Surround yourself with some good paper, juicy markers, a glue stick and lots of random things to tear. Add some ink pads for color, and you have a recipe for something new happening in your journal.
and a good little movie playing near by is never a bad idea, in my book.

Be a Journaling Explorer -- discover a new continent in your pages, and put up a flag of victory claiming your right to this new world that only you could create.

"Muse, muse, and muse. Do some yoga or other activity before working. Read a poem, then let it go. Listen to the silent voice of your work." --Linda Saccoccio

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