Friday, January 9, 2009

stubbornly stubbornly stubbornly

keep at it.
just keep at it.
Christo wrapped the Pont Neuf in Paris, he wrapped the Reichstadt in Berlin, he wrapped Islands in Miami, and erected hundreds of glorious orange gates in Central Park in 2005.
Everyone said all of this was impossible.
He did all this just to get people to talk about art.


Open up your journal and say what you need to say.
Make what you need to make.
Your voice is worth your time.

"Yes we can!" --Barack Obama


  1. I passed through his gates in Central Park. Yes being stubborn with your art has it's rewards.

  2. oh seems this is what i really need... this determination... it really boosts my spirits... and helps me to go one more step toward a decision i'm making...

    and your art is a real match for your words... all those energetic colors and forms...

    reading the sentences on the artwork, i just wanted to hug you and tell you how your art impresses and makes a difference both for you and us...


  3. I have found that the more I ignore the criticism voice, the quieter it gets. hee hee

  4. Exactly! I'm glad you reminded me of this very thing.
    Peace & Love,

  5. Oh, THAT'S why Christo did it, lol. I did walk through the saffron gates all over Cetnral Park when I lived there. My older sister flew for 20 hours from Colorado and back just to do so.

    Just do it. Words we know, but never stop needing to hear. Thanks!