Monday, January 12, 2009

rest and renewal

January and February are always hard months for me.
Lack of light, cold short days, so much harder to get outside and be fed by nature. . . . so I know to feed the soul a bit extra compassion and inspiration during these lean times.
I will be going to Denver for two weeks Saturday to dog sit for my brother, who is going to Thailand to get married.
but it really is not a dog sitting job, it is more a retreat. I will bring tons of books, lots of art supplies, maybe eat a fruit detox diet, and make lots of pages in my journal.
or maybe not.
maybe I will just watch movies -- if you don't see me much here, that's why.

but when I get back, I bet there will be a new flood of inspirational pages, because that's how the muse seems to work. She comes when least expected, but I hope she honors my soul renewal time.
Last year I did an Eat, Pray, Love retreat at my brother's cabin in the Rockies - each of one day I focused on one of those three things - eating magnificent and healthy food one whole day, meditation for a whole day, then making calls and connections of love to my family the sole focus of the third day.
It was a good retreat, and I also might follow that template for these two weeks . . . . I also dream of leading a women's retreat where we do this as a group - wouldn't that be awesome?
We'd have to get a message therapist along, maybe a yoga teacher. . . . I could do the art workshops.
Keep this in your mind for the future. . . .
The inner self needs nurturing, just as the outer self does.

"The mind is but a barren soil – a soil which is soon exhausted, and will produce no crop, or only one, unless it be continually fertilized and enriched with foreign matter." --Sir Joshua Reynolds


  1. Wow, I totally relate. While I desperately miss the change of seasons that I'm used to now living in Houston, I also remember that after the glitter and excitement of the holidays are over, winter with gray east coast skies becomes one waaaay too long draggy period.

    I too am in need of a retreat and envy (and applaud) yours to colorado. At least there you get the fun of snow, which makes a big difference in bearing the extended cold months, with SUN!

    The Eat, Pray, Love retreat you described sounds fabulous. I would go to that retreat! I know the masseuses and yoga teachers who'd come too! THanks so much for finding and following my blog!

  2. hello - you popped up on my blog this morning, so I just wanted to stop by and say hello, and thank you for choosing to follow my wanderings - this looks like a very interesting place with some fine art...

  3. sounds like a nice way to spend two weeks! with the mind at rest i guarantee the muse will undoubtedly come keep you company. i find that i cannot write every day, be creative every day. i've tried and i can't and i don't know how writers who sit to write x amount of words each day to write a book do it. i'm still trying to learn this. with me, inspiration has to strike and it can be the most mundane or innocent of things. but i also find that for some reason, with my writing particularly, the ideas come first thing in the morning when i wake up. it's as if the muses had visited my dreams without my knowing and had planted the seeds. it's wonderful because it is when my mind is at rest and most open to ideas before the business of the chat-tery and noisy day begins that may drown out whatever little nuggets of brilliance were waiting there for me.

    i like your blog very much. will come visit often.