Friday, January 16, 2009


A huge jet airliner goes down in the Hudson and no one is even hurt. . . . the first African American President is poised to take office and the whole country, dare I say the whole world, will be watching and celebrating Tuesday . . . . there is a front page story about Shamanism in the Washington Post . . . .
I know the economy is collapsing and everyone is panicked, but I see so much amazingly good news all around me.
Maybe the focus all being on money is finally coming around to the reality that SPIRIT is what counts, money is not worth so much of our focus and emphasis.
The INTENTION of our whole culture has been to make money, and that simply has to change.

Sure you need money to live, but I for one, am learning to live on much less in a much richer way.
Art does not equal money.
Money does not equal success.

To be a broke starving artist is to be far richer than many fat cats with all their material goods.
Now I go dog sit for two weeks in Colorado!
Journal pages to come.

"You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition." --Alan Alda


  1. Love that quote from Alan Alda! I look forward to following your blog as we both follow the Twelve Secrets book club...the dog sitting gig sounds like a marvelous retreat!

  2. Alan Alda has so many great quotes, and this one is no exception. Your page is great...I'm always inspired by your creations.
    Peace & Love,