Tuesday, January 6, 2009

everything OLD is NEW again

so what do you say about the new LOOK here?
I jazzed up just a bit, huh?
2009 - time for new beginnings, new starts, renewed enthusiasm, self-care and focusing on what I need to keep on keeping it going.
A time to BE whole and BE healthy . . . .
I will be truthful and tell you this last year feels like the most challenging one we ever had - we sold our house, moved into a rental, hubby changed jobs, kids left and came home again. . . .
we got a crazy little dog who still poops and pees in the house.
BUT - I got a new studio.
I kept at this journaling work.
I learned a lot about Shamanism and moved forward in my own personal journey toward knowing who and what I am and why I am here.
and that's the point, NO?
To be whole and to be healthy.

Challenges are all part of this whole life work thing we are engaged in.
I am still here, chugging along, taking each day as it comes, finding JOY where I can.
and I am working on some pet/power animal portraits and I put two of the collages in my journal - so here they are:

"If ya ain't got it in ya, ya can't blow it out." --Louis Armstrong


  1. hi there, i love the new look of your blog:) i'm sorry about the many changes you had gone through last year, but am glad that you are positive and keeping yourself grounded. the animal portrait truly makes one think of POWER.

    this coming year will be hard for many countries in the world, it's good to share experiences and encouragements as well. i am hoping the best for everyone in our small, small world:)

  2. Your journal pages shout live and good thoughts and feelings...I like them.
    Thanks for coming to my blog today.
    Do come back.

  3. Hi! Thanks for the comment on my hunky cowboy quilt...I'm still laughing! I surfed on over to your blog to check it out and I LOVE your journals! You do beautiful work!

  4. your blog is extremely inspiring!