Saturday, January 31, 2009

dogs dogs dogs

I cleaned lots of poop from the back yard today.
I cleaned some blood from the carpet today.
I snuggled with two huge hug able yellow labs today.
and it was all good.

One more day of this dog sitting gig, and I am back on a plane home to my family and my own little cute dog.
This art retreat/dog sitting has been a time for lots of reading, journaling, watching movies (yes, I admit) and solitude.
All good.
Just the change of scenery has been so rejuvenating and positive.
and I am sure one day, we will move out here - I just love Colorado, the mountains and the clear air and the way everyone wears outdoorsy clothes (not like New Jersey/New York - believe me.)
I hiked a bit today along Boulder Creek - I was so relaxed and in tune with the calming energy of the water/sky/rocks I didn't even need to take pictures or sketch.
I was happy to just be. . . .
That's a great thing.
and of course, my two lovable monsters have found their way onto some journal pages:

"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world." --Anne Frank


  1. It's awesome to be able to get away from your own routine and scenery. It recharges one's perspective. I can imagine Colorado is probably as opposite to New Jersey as you can get. :)

    The photos of the doggies are adorable. Labs are such a delightful breed of dog. :)

  2. Such fabulous journal pages!

    I'm glad to hear your batteries are recharged. It's good for your spirit to have a change like that.

    Is your little doggie going to be jealous when he smells the labs on you?

  3. yes - Bohemian SM - I think he will wonder! We have been skyping and my husband has been holding him to to where the camera is so I can see him, and I say his name and all the puppy endearments I say to him, and he looks around so confused trying to figure out where the heck I am. . . .
    I will miss these two guys, though, they are big lovable monsters who adore affection. My own (chow/lab mix) is more aloof. . . . the love these dogs give has been so nice to be with.

  4. How wonderful you got away!! I so need that. One day, hopefully!

    Your journal pages are looking wonderful. I haven't been a very good blogger buddy lately but I do check in when I can. I know you don't worry!

    Yes, by all means show any of my pages you wish. Some I like, some not so much, but I know that's not what it's about.

    Much love to you!!