Friday, January 23, 2009

day 6 - Still At It

We choose what to believe - and this profoundly affects our lives.
I have been reading a very beautiful and moving book, "Listening is An Act of Love" by Dave Isay. It is a celebration of every day normal lives as told in the storycorps project - something Dave Isay founded to get regular people to tell their stories. He found that if you put a person in a booth with a recorder, and if the interviewer were a loved one, you could often get amazing and moving stories out of them.
Each of us have inspirations and miracles in our lives, we so often don't share them or focus on this part of our beings.
The stories are so moving - sad stories about the Holocaust, 9-11, and amazingly happy stories of great generosity and love.
They really do inspire me to think the higher thoughts, take the higher path, and to know that love really is the key to all life.
I love my journaling practice, and I love the Shamanic work I do, but without love, all that is nothing.
If we believe the best in people and life, if we have faith in things not seen, and we decide to create a loving place for ourselves and everyone in our path right here on this earth, now, then it will become manifest.
I am going to try to walk that path more in my life.

"Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast." --Lewis Carroll


  1. thankyou for sharing your thoughts and amazing artwork...

  2. I love your artwork and your words. If we believe the best in people and in life, this would would truly be Shangri-La. :)