Thursday, January 15, 2009

connection to the mysterious

Mystery - "what is beyond understanding, not of the rational mind."

Well, I certainly know that I want to go beyond the rational mind - the dance of Shiva - the cycle of creation and destruction are part of this mystery and certainly for me this not a rational thing.
For me, going beyond what my brain thinks into what my consciousness feels is much more satisfying -- I guess that's why my journaling is mostly not about words any more.
Words seem to lock me into the rational mind, and I want the mystery mind to live in the pages.
Images, colors, random scribblings, all this is much more connected to the eternal for me than just plain old words.
Although - funny enough, here I am using words to talk about this whole thing.
so words still help me move toward understanding.
I just don't want to make the words my focus.

The Egyptians' words were little pictures - hieroglyphs - showing how much closer their civilization was to the mystery that is life -- maybe they had not learned yet to let the rational mind think it knew all the answers, I suspect they knew the rational mind had no clue. . . . and that the mystery of the world, the flooding of the Nile each year, the coming and going of life's cycles, all were part of a larger mystery.
I love the way their images show this mystery, and their words are always part of the magic of their images . . . .
See the quote there after the picture?
Let's prove Joseph Campbell wrong -- look for the mystery in your work.

"Poets and artists who speak of the mystery are rare." --Joseph Campbell

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