Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Art reatreat, continued

To be creative is to be open. For me, it's not something I can force. I just put the papers and pens in front of me, sit before the blank page or book, and see what happens. Sometimes what happens doesn't please me, but I have even learned to honor that as well.
If we aren't open to mistakes, if we don't allow the accidents and mishaps, how will we ever get to a totally new place?
How many voyagers of discovery knew exactly where they were going? None.
Or they would not have discovered anything new.
If you already know where you're going, there can't be any surprises.
The biggest change in my life has been openness.
Openness to whatever the Universe chooses for me.
It certainly is not always what I wanted, but usually it is a much better plan than the one I had.
My art is not brilliant but it expresses something for me, and it turns out my calling is helping others' discover their way of self expression, and using this process for healing.
I never would have figured that out on my own.
If we truly trust that life has the best outcome for us, and we give away the ego and desire for personal gain, really good things do happen - and if allow the space for our own voice, make the time for the art to flow, it will.
It will, Baby!

"To be creative means being familiar with being a little lost. If we are always full of what we want to do there is not room for the new. Creation comes from cycle - sometimes small waves and sometimes big waves. And as the waves end, they want to rest - they have given all they could and need to replenish before moving again." --Michelle Cassou

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