Thursday, December 4, 2008

it's just this simple

I can choose.
To recount the pains and hurts I have been dealt in this life, or to recount the blessings and joys I have been given.
or Blessings.
One choice leads to anger and bitterness, the other leads to joy and bliss.
So - which will I choose today?
I think the answer is obvious -- why do I so often choose the wrong thing?
and today, instead of a journal page, I am posting my latest Power Animal Portrait - I am particularly happy with this Great Snowy Owl -- he will guide me in my Shamanic work and I an honoring him with this portrait above my journey place in the studio.
The energy of the spirit of animals is so healing, and I feel honored to be able to create these pieces to remember this, reminding me of the point of it all.
To Choose Bliss.
Have a blissful day!

"The spirit must be felt so intensely that it has power to call others in passing, for it must pass, not stop in the pictures..." --Emily Carr


  1. You're is all in attitude. How we feel is so much determined by our attitude..we generally do feel how it is that we WANT to feel.'ve given me so much to think about today. (And maybe I can actually gear my attitude toward having a batter day than usual!)
    Peace & Love,

  2. thank you so much for your well wishes and sympathy it means a lot ! I will just cross my fingers that the new year will be a healthy one!


  3. Beautiful!
    Just found your through SHELL ; )
    Love your work.
    I needed this today! ; )
    Thank you for reminding me to choose "BLISS"...
    I can make my own choices yet I focus on the negativity Sometimes... why be sad when so much BLISS is out there???
    Thank you. We all just need to be reminded.
    Best Wishes ~
    Joelle XO

  4.'s just this simple if you like to make it too..:)

    btw, I like your blog ^^ I like your creative Art Journal.

    now I also do this with friends..If you like, welcome to visits too..
    or (this is my own blog)
    but all is in Chinese language..:(
    Anyway, Art also a language,right?

  5. What a wonderful reminder to always treasure the good things in our lives. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work with all of us!

  6. dear Em,

    Thank you for visiting my blog too. You are welcome there and thank you for your invite, I think it will be great, excited, interesting ,special and meaningful if we can make art together one day. I think perhaps one days we could meet may be at New York or Malaysia or any places..:) If you ever come to travel to Malaysia, you are welcome to see me too..I don't have any studio but may be we can go picnic besides make art together at outdoor places..^^

    Yes, I like American-Chinese connection with journaling too :) Your trading card is just a wonderful works but how can I start it?


  7. just scanned through ur blog, its looks great and intresting, will scrutinise it next time!

  8. Dear Em,

    Ok, may I know your email address? Then I can send my mailing address to you..Besides trading, I think this also a good sharing ^^ Thanks, I like your trading concept.


  9. Douzi - e-mail me at:

    we can exchange mail addresses and ATC's!