Saturday, November 22, 2008

water ROCKS shells

Last week at the beach I took tons of photos of the sand covered in rocks and shells. There were amazing patterns and bits of shells and rocks worn smooth by time and water. Shells really are the most amazing bits of engineering. Imagine making a little house is a perfect spiral over time out of bits of your own body -- if a human did that they would become world renown, yet billions of little creatures do this every day and we hardly even notice.
Magic is all around us if we look for it.


  1. yes.. it rocks my shells too! at last i can comment on here... i am a newbie.. but love the idea.. love your photos, text and page..

  2. You are so right...we zoom right past all the magic surrounding us every single day. I am trying to learn the art of slowing down, stopping to smell and appreciate the roses, and reveling in the magic of everyday life. Wonderful post!