Sunday, November 23, 2008

have you ever noticed?

Have you ever noticed that it is all there already?
All we need.
That the world has abundance for us if we just breathe in and accept it.
There is so much struggle, so much striving, so much effort poured into advancing what we think is our own agenda.
So little just being in the flow, and allowing all that is good to come to us.
Even on the train, I see so many people rushing here and there, worrying about the next thing coming, their minds completely somewhere else. . . . not even seeing the landscape parading by them in the window.
Yesterday in NYC - so many shoppers, rushing about, cars and cabs and buses rushing here and there, moments of beauty no one seemed to notice.
I bought some amazingly wonderful paper at my favorite store, Kate's Paperie on 57th.
Paper that makes me cry it is so beautiful.
Collages to come!

"The receptivity of the artist must never be confused with passivity. Receptivity is the artist's holding him or herself alive and open to hear what being may speak." --Rollo May

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