Tuesday, November 25, 2008

DOWN time = UP time

as an artist, I need down time.
well, lots of it.
this can make me feel guilty, but now I am coming into the self-understanding that the "do nothing" time really is very productive.
Time to nurture the creative force is necessary, and it might mean a walk in the woods, reading a novel, or just sitting and letting my mind empty.
It might mean making ten lists, and throwing away nine of them.
It might mean looking at an art book for an hour, and enjoying each image.
These are all useful ways to spend time, because it makes the work time more authentic and helps me get to the core.
It has taken me a long long time to know this.
So I share it with you, so you don't feel guilty about the down time -- it creates much more powerful UP time!

"There is a time for the labour of digging and mixing earths, a time for the heat of fire, and a time for contemplating what is done." --Cecilia Davis Cunningham


  1. Yes, we all need downtime to recharge our creative spirit...I know I do. I can't go from one piece to another most of the time. I have to have an outlet for my creativity but often I will finish one larger piece and then craft (like the stamps I made recently or make some t-shirts or sew a purse) before digging back into a new piece.

    Sometimes I just art journal...writing, and combining cool things I find in magazines and online into a journal layout.

    Even downtime isn't always "down" but just a recharge.

    Peace & Love,

  2. Thanx for a much needed reminder. I'm feeling overwhelmed with too many projects, and do need to just do Nothing.

    I'll go and watch the birds outside. And enjoy it!!


  3. Down time is the best!! My favorite are cloudwatching. Or sitting next my altar and letting my mind drift when indoors.