Monday, October 13, 2008

what' I've been up to . . . .

I have been working in the studio on a set of collages based on mushroom photos I took in our neighborhood; I really like doing series, and exploring an idea in many forms and canvases . . . . and, quite fun but very exhausting, taking care of a new puppy.
He is part Chow, part lab, part lots of other stuff, and we are fostering him for a local shelter. He is 8 weeks old, and adorable. We just played soccer so he is sleeping for a little while. . . .
I will have lots of pages based on his antics, but, boy o boy, is he a handful.
I am going to try to balance everything in my life, stay focused and on track, and not let my journal or my studio time suffer.
but -- A PUPPY!

and here are some of the mushrooms:

"You don't get into the mood to create – it's discipline." --Twyla Tharp

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  1. ~~ A PUPPY??!! ~~

    Oh, you will have your hands full for a while. But it's so worth it, to train a dog so that it can be a member of a Family!! We've got a Rescue Shelter dog, that the manager of the shelter didn't think would be good for ANYONE!! Let's just say, that Miss Sara is one of the best dogs, Spoiled Rotten, an' is a HUGE mix of a gazillion breeds of DOG!! And I wouldn't trade her for ANYTHING!!

    The mushroom pieces are just too fine, too, by the way!