Tuesday, October 28, 2008

what does it all mean?

I read about a lot of different stuff. Writings of Eckert Tolle, books about Shamanism, Prehistoric Art, Neuroscience, Consciousness and Nature, lots of memoirs . . . .
I don't try to articulate most of the more complex ideas I learn about in words, but I am hoping somehow to channel some of all this understanding into my art.
Lately it all has seemed so clear to me - our EGO wants us to be repeating our small individual stories, while our SPIRIT is able to access the consciousness part of ourselves that is the more Universal voice.
When we create, hopefully, we are accessing this universal voice, and not the ego voice.
I think journaling helps me get there.
Using color, collage, photos, magazine images that move me, etc. all help me sort of get to the intuitive creative side of my brain, where the Universal is more prevalent than in that thinking ego side of the brain.
Books like The Secret are so popular, because they say you can access all the abundance in the Universe for yourself.
This doesn't feel exactly right, because if you are accessing it just for your own success, you really are still feeding the ego.
What is best for the whole of life is always the best thing to do for the self, although sometimes that means giving up your personal power.
Yes, we work hard to be responsible and help those who depend on us, and yes, we also must protect our own sanity with self nurturing -- those two things can go hand in hand.
I am learning that the joy of following my own bliss is not selfish, it is what the Universe joyously created me to do.
What a gift to know this. Know it for yourself, too!
Now go make some art.

'Our universe is not a "was" or a "will be" system. It is an "Is" system vibrating within the "Now" measurement of time.' --Dr. Michael Beckwith

and how can something this cute be such a bundle of rapscalion-ness:

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  1. Maybe he (she?) is channeling your inner rapscallion (smile). I like your observation about books like "The Secret" still serving Ego in the guise of creating broader consciousness...