Friday, October 17, 2008

self doubt

Need clarity?
get a serious illness.
or imagine getting one.
imagining is better, although it seems some of us need the actual illness to wake up.
I need to fill my cup with lots of memoirs, movies, meditation. . . .
I have learned that inspiration is something like a checkbook -- if you keep making deposits, the balance stays positive, but if you ignore it, you end up in the red.
We went and saw an amazing movie, "Man on Wire" about Phillip Petit's scheme to string a wire between the towers of the world trade center in 1974, and walk across.
A man with a plan.
He was just so clear and determined, and somehow this movie is so moving. To have a clear goal and just get there whatever the cost is quite a human feat.
and if the goal is to live creatively, it will take careful planning, a little scheming, and perhaps a touch of luck, along with faith that the Universe will support you if you are following your truest voice.
I work with my journal to help me with my self-doubt, it really does allow me both to complain a bit, and to bolster up my courage.
and an inspiring movie or book now and then also really helps.

"When in doubt, have a man come through the door with a gun in his hand." --Raymond Chandler

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  1. Filling my cup with positivity, hope and magic helps when I need to draw on during lean times. Especially times like now.