Wednesday, October 29, 2008

relentlessly positive

It's all good.
If we convince ourselves of that, it will be.
I used to get a bit irritated with the "think positive" movement.
But now, I buy in.
Think it, make it real.
and why not?
Once I was sitting in a cafe in Paris deciding whether or not to order a wonderful dessert; of course I had just had a wonderful meal, and couldn't make up my mind.
The very elegant waiter, in the most beautiful and richly resonant voice said to me,
"And why not?"
I sort of always remember the way he said it.
And Why Not?
Make that your mantra today.

"If I were to think of and dwell on disastrous possibilities, I could do nothing. I throw myself headlong into my work, and come up again with my studies." --Vincent van Gogh


  1. I am a firm believer in positive thinking. Like attracts like.

  2. And why not? I love that. I especially love you were in Paris when you had that wonderful moment.

  3. >> My daily voice is always to believe, "This Will Work", regardless of what happens on my work table. Everything that is Art comes together, bringing more positive voice to "This Will Work" ~~ The circle continues.


  4. Well said...I got caught up in a trauma drama just today...a total waste ot time and energy...Love the mantra..."And why not!!! " Wonderful journal page...jubilant is what it is! :)