Wednesday, October 22, 2008


a few weeks ago, some big white monster mushrooms appeared beneath the pine trees in front of our house.
This made me run for my camera, which could be held right under their very noses to take portraits of these funny fungi, capturing the ribs, the funny postures they take as they burst out through the mulch.
Then a walk around the paths of my neighborhood revealed even more of these clownish characters.
Which led me to an on-line search and some more amazing photos.
A recent trip to Maryland for the weekend, and lo and behold -- many more funny mushrooms seemed to present themselves to me.
Then, in the studio, the collages just came.
and came.
The Muse is like that sometimes, when you are in the flow, it is a wonderful wild ride.
I have these pages in my journal with some of the collages printed onto paper and spray mounted down, and then I added my thoughts.
I thank the mushrooms for their inspiration!

"There is no other resource so plentiful, ever-changing, and full of information than nature around us. Get ready to dive in with both feet and don't forget to bring your sense of humor." --Lori Putnam

and an amazing article on how mushrooms can save the world!

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  1. I'm trying to get caught up on my blog reading, after having the world's worst cold. Or flu.

    These mushroom pages are so gorgeous! Just amazing!