Friday, October 10, 2008


I have something amazing to share with you.
This artist is my favorite journal artist out there:
Teesha Moore has hosted art gatherings for years and I think her journaling style has affected many artists, including me.
One trick to try is to do a mash-up inspired by others.
I take a journal page Teesha's (or anyone's), photoshop bits of them, reassemble, mix-up, collage the bits, and I have something inspired by others that is new.
Textures, colors, shapes, handwriting, use all these in your collages.
I also print out pages and tear them up for re-use.
(and by the way, if you are concerned with copying -- as long as the image is substantially altered, what you are doing is deriving inspiration, so don't worry about that. . . this is how artists have moved forward for ever, no one totally invented their own innovations, we all stand on each others' shoulders.)
So take bits and pieces from where ever you are inspired, tear, reprint, photoshop, tile, reassemble, tear and glue, and feel the connection we all have as creators to each others process.

These pages are a mash-up of one Teesha's journaling pages - see if you can figure out which one:

"Art's golden thread of mentors stretches not just into the ancient past, but also far into the future." --Paul Soderberg

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  1. >> Good advice on using work from other people. << It's always one of the things that I'm scared to bits about doing in my work. A good jumble with all the pieces will do the trick!!

    Love this set of pages. An' no -- I can't tell which is which!! --