Wednesday, October 15, 2008

just imagine. . . .

IF we practiced radical self-acceptance.
If everything we did we knew was just fine.
If we looked in the mirror each morning and said:
"You are marvelous and you will have a wonderful day today, contributing to humanity."
If each day we added from our inner well of contentment, knowing our unique gift, whatever it may be, is adding to the whole.
Making art alone in a room can feel exhilarating, terrifying, pointless. . . .
but today, I choose to go to the studio and work hard at this, and to accept that this is my calling, and to ignore the critics, who mostly reside in my own head.
(oh, and did I say to love my body, too?)

"The world is perfect. As you question your mind, this becomes more and more obvious." --Byron Katie


  1. I so needed to hear this just now. I just made a call and poured my heart out. I was just beginning to second guess myself which I rarely do. Then I came here and read those words. I really needed that. I'm marvelous just the way I am. Thank you. You are marvelous as well.

  2. thank you Shell - I actually needed to re-read my words a few times today, too.
    This world ain't an easy place for artists, seers, myth makers, storytellers, dreamers. . . . .
    But our spirits can be fed and renewed, and we can go out there and make that art, make that voice heard!

  3. yes it would be marvellous...sigh...if only we could rid ourselves of all the other baggage and shite!

  4. Amen sister!! I need to live by these words :)
    The tape measures are a profound touch!