Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Where inspiration comes from. . . .

Life is sometimes hard.
Life is sometimes easy.
Yesterday I had a glorious day of walking in the woods, meditating, making journal pages, taking photos, fresh healthy food from Whole Earth co-op, reading a book about Shamanism while sitting in the sun on my deck.
Yes, there were also errands and chores.
and even some bloodwork, ouch--needles.
But the hours I had to do my art work fed my soul enough so I had a song for the other times as well.
Make sure you nurture your spirit. Feed the muse, so she stays near.
That's the secret.

"The cyclone ends. The sun returns; the lofty coconut trees lift up their plumes again; man does likewise. The great anguish is over; joy has returned; the sea smiles like a child." --Paul Gauguin


  1. >> Just discovered yourBlog! <<

    Have been Really listening to where the wonderful inspirations are coming from. My work is beginning to shift into a better place. Thanx for letting us be reminded of how important it is to Listen for The Muse!!


  2. Hello dearest. There's a goodie for you at my place :)

    I mailed our journals the other day but used book rate. Could be a bit slower.

    I'm almost out of the studio. Just a wee bit more of packing and cleaning. What's good is that I'm okay with all of it. My art will be created at the table once again, that's all!

    I hope you're well. Your entries have been fabulous lately! I'll come back to savor and comment on each of them later.