Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Take a magic carpet. . . . .

Hop on it -- where would it take you?
I love thinking this way - just brainstorming, letting my mind create whatever scene it wants to create.
I spend lots of time imagining. I also learn what I want by collaging "randomly" although I think there is really no randomness involved. If an image of Paris calls to me, I tear it out and collage with it. I make lots of messes about Paris using ephemera and photos and drawings related to Paris. (Paris being just one example, here.) I am learning to trust these instinctive intuitive urges, to listen to their voices.
I now think there is some reason in my sub-conscious for these urges, and that they have a story to tell me. Stories, and dreams too, are the messengers from our inner selves, the secrets we need to have whispered in our ears.
Secrets from LIFE that have something to teach us.
I also think we are connected on this level to all of LIFE, and so listening to this is our highest wisdom. This is what I learn from my journal - to trust my inner instincts and follow the path created with my random attraction to strange visions and ideas. . . .
I thank my journal for helping me on this journey!

"Travelers, there is no path, paths are made by walking." --Antonio Machado

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